Microblading is a treatment of tattooing crisp hairs into the skin. The method requires no electric or motor, the hand held tool us applied to the skin with slight pressure.

This treatment is not suitable for all skin types, this is a treatment where your skin needs to be in perfect condition to hold the strokes well.

Please take the time to read the followig information.

mb brows.png
  • Skin Complications that will prevent treatment using this method - If you have skin which is prone to complications like eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris and dermatitis (i.e., your skin is constantly flaking, itching, or aggravated), chances are your skin is in a is in a constant state of unrest, repair and shedding and is not suitable for tattooing and therefore won’t hold the pigment well.

  • Chronic Skin Conditions - The same goes for conditions like chronic acne and rosacea. The inherent nature of this type of skin causes easy bleeding, which once again means your skin will not retain the colour very well and intended effect of microblading.

  • Excessively oily skin can cause the tattooed crisp hair strokes to blur together and give off an unwanted solid effect instead of a naturally fluffy look.

  • Condition of the Skin - If your skin is sensitive, flushes and is sensitive to heat, cold and also products it is likely to be easily aggravated and bleed easily.  If your skin has large pores, specifically in the region of the eyebrows and forehead (aka the T-Zone), the colour will blur and result in a powdered look. Along similar lines, tattooed hair strokes will not lay properly on skin with deep wrinkles, which can make the overall look appear uneven. 

  • Pale Skin Type - If you have Fitzpatrick Skin type 1 a fair skin person traditionally with red hair, have thin, translucent skin with light eyes, the skin is very likely to be hypersensitive and your skin will not be able to tolerate microblading well.  The same applies if you just have generally very thin skin - it will bleed easily and not retain colour.

  • Dark Skin Type - if you are Fitzpatrick Skin type 5/6 a darker skin you will notice you may potentially have more oily skin.  This oily skin is not suitable for healing crisp hair strokes.  

  • Previous Permanent Makeup - Hairstrokes require virgin skin and previously tattooed eyebrows will make the area to be treated not suitable.

Please note that a typical client will only be able to have the 'Microblading' treatment a maximum of 3/4 times.  This is due to the nature of how the pigment is implanted. 

We will send you a pre-care medical form to ensure you are suitable for treatment.  Should you book in for microblading and not be suitable you will be able to have another treatment. Such as Nano Hairstrokes or Powder.  If you have previous ink we require you to send in pictures before booking.