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This is a Mastectomy Nipple Tattoo on co

3d Areola Nipple tattoo - Photo Realism

3D Areola Nipple Tattoo

Kally is an award winning artist who has treated hundreds of ladies to new 3D simulated areola tattoos.  These are created using permanent ink.

3D Nipples can be created on flat skin following Breast Cancer and Reconstruction.


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£250/per treatment


Areola Blush - Darkening & Enhancing

Areola Pigmentation

This is a popular treatment for people with Pale or Light nipples.  Not usually from any medical treatment these treatments are often carried out on all ages of people because simply the areola or nipple is quite light in colour.

This treatment can also help with Inverted and Flat Nipples.

A very effective treatment.


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£250/per treatment


Nipple Enlargement Tattoo

Nipple Enlargement with Tattooing

Nipple enlargement covers two areas: Breast Uplift Scars

Small Nipples

Nipple enlargement can be done on people with small areola areas wanting them to be larger.  This can be due to naturally small size, or from gender transition.

Breast uplift scars are white scars around the nipple from surgery. The tattoo treatment can blend these.


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£250/per treatment