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3D Areola Nipple Tattooing

Many women following a unilateral or bilateral mastectomy decide to have a reconstruction immediately following surgery. A number of surgical options are available for them, this reconstruction process helps in the physical and mental healing process following breast cancer or breast surgery. Surgeries vary from patient to patient, and every healed result is different.


Following reconstruction, patients are usually left with a flat area of skin, which we refer to as a beautiful 'blank canvas' or, they can surgically opt for a nipple reconstruction, this is where folds of skin are cut and remoulded and heal into a 3d nipple mound.  Obviously due to the skin used to create this nipple, this new nipple will be the patients usual skin colour.  Both surgeries can be tattooed very successfully. 

Once the area is fully healed, and all scar tissue in the area to be tattooed is white and not pink, we can safely and effectively tattoo a new coloured Areola Nipple. 

The process itself takes approximately 1 hour per side plus an additional 30 minutes consultation (either before or on the day). We advise two treatments to complete the treatment, as sometimes colours may need strengthening and certain areas may need tweaking. 

Our clinic is in Hitchin and we offer these treatments 5 days a week, however due to spaces we do keep Friday's as the best day for bookings. 

If you have private medical health insurance and would like to claim this treatment via your provider please book in your consultation and bring any relevant paperwork with you.

Unilateral - 3D Areola Nipple Tattoo

Unilateral Singe Side 3D Areola Nipple Tattoo 

£200 Per session

Free Clinic available please email 

Private Medical Insurance also available please email

£200 Per session

Bilateral - 3D Areola Nipple Tattoo

Bilateral Double Side 3D Areola Nipple Tattoo £300 per session

Friday Free Clinic available please email

Private Medical available please email

£300 per session

Breast Uplift Scars

These treatments are chargeable at £200 per session and unfortunately do not qualify for the Friday Free Clinic.

£200 per session

Areola Pigmentation Tattoo

This treatment is available for anyone who may have pale or very light areola's.


Model Free Clinic

Being a Model or Demonstration Model ensures students get a chance at working on a real model, all students are fully vetted before training and they will all have previous tattooing experience.

To enquire about space on future courses please email


Private Medical Health Cover

Kally is a Registered Tattooist on the Private Practice Register meaning the majority of Private Insurance Providers recognise this treatment in private health insurance plans.

To enquire about booking please email

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How to Book

Hundreds of women each year have to undergo some form of breast surgery.  In my clinic I see many different results following Breast Reductions, Childhood Scars, Breast Cancer, Mastectomy, and Reconstructive Surgeries. 

I am a specialist in Areola Artistry, giving women the look of a nipple where there is not one using the method of illusion tattooing.

Body tattoo pigments are used for longevity, this in instead of semi permanent pigments that will fade over time.

I work from my clinic in Hitchin, Hertfordshire in a warm and welcoming environment.

There are three options to choose from with regards to booking, however please note there is a wait in bookings due to a very busy diary.

Paid Clinic

Friday Free Clinic

Model Slots/Free Appointments

Each month I teach skilled permanent make-up artists to be able to produce Areola Nipple Tattoos for their clients.

In these small groups I require a demonstration model and also models for my students.

All areas of tattooing are covered and the students will be monitored every step of the way.

These model slots are available sooner than the Free Clinic.

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All bookings will require a non-transferable Deposit of £50 deducted from treatment cost PER visit.

Late Cancellations & No Show Appointments

We do appreciate some things are unavoidable however we do have Email, Telephone and Answer-machine should you not be able to attend your appointment. 

Please call 01462 453888 or email

Deposits are Non-Refundable and will be retained should a booking be cancelled within 48 hours. Appointments may be re-scheduled however you may have to wait for the next available slot.

All appointments are chargeable, we do not take a full up front cost for Semi Permanent Make-up this means there is a charge at each appointment. (Full Price treatments or Models)

Booking Enquiries:

Training Enquiries:

Kally Permanent Cosmetics

First Floor 28 Bridge Street, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 2DF

We are currently working at moving over our booking systems, please do bear with us, and if you have any questions please do call on 01462 453888.