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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many treatments do I need to have?
    All permanent makeup treatments need two treatments. There is a reason for this.. Personally we are all cautious artists, and we understand the power of this treatment. We would like to have the oportunity to 'add' and this can be done on the second session. Less is more when clients wish to have a natural look. Second treatments balance out the colour, fine tweak the shape and perfect the process, they are essential and need to be booked in 4/6 weeks apart.
  • Is the treatment Permanent or Semi Permanent?
    All tattooing regardless of the product can last for many years, if not a lifetime. In clinic for all of our Cosmetic procedures we use a product called Semi permanent pigment. This pigment is designed to be removed by your own body over time, leaving you with a natural fade of colour. All of our medical tattooing is carried out with Permanent Pigments, this is for lengevity and suitable for the body.
  • Do I get a choice in the style?
    Of course we always are directed by the clients ideals, we ask clients to look at our own Instagram posts to decide on a shape, style even colour they like and even dislike. This gives us an idea of what their perfect look would be. We then will assess your skin type and skin tone, this can make a huge difference in the healed look of the treatment. Please note ideally we need a perfect canvas to produce amazing crisp work, as the face is an area on the body that can be affected by Hormones, Hair, Pores, Oil, Sun and Lifestyle we will advise you the best possible treatment for you.
  • Can I choose a Brown colour eventhough I am Blonde/Redhead?
    Yes of course, we all know that sometimes we tint our blonde eyebrow hairs to make them look darker. With permanent make-up the need for tinting will be eliminated as the new style of eyebrow will make you look and feel like you have brown eyebrows! Of course we do try to stay within the right tone and look for you.
  • I have been drawing my eyebrows on like this... can I have them tattooed like that?
    The honest answer... unfortunately not. You have chosen to come to specialists where we will take all your facial features into account, we have many years of experience between us and we will alwasy guid you and discuss the options available. Of course, if you arrive with absolutely amaxing eyebrows, and you have also been doing them correctly for years - yes we will be able to offer you eyebrows to match.
  • Can I have treatment while I am Breast Feeding or Pregnant?
    Unfortunately not, no tattoo artist will be insured to carry out treatment during this time. We adivse clients to wait a little bit longer. Afterall you have waited this long... that time will fly by
  • Does it hurt?
    I always remind people of how it feels to be waxed... im talking about bikini and other places. This treatment is very soft and gentle, of course we do have to wipe during treatment but there are lots more other beauty treatments that hurt alot more. We do have the opportunity to use a soothing cream during treatment, and we do use this to help with any uncomfortableness. If you would like to pre-numb before you appointment please ask the chemist for EMLA or LMX4 - I would advise you to not order numbing creams online as like with medication you do not know what is in them and they could affect the tattooing process.
  • How long will it last?  Do I need annual treatments?
    We would all love to be able to say yes you must book in for 12 months exactly... however every 'body' literally, every persons body is different. A hairstroke eyebrow on one client may need boosting in 12 months, when someone else may be able to wait 2 years... All I can advise you is that once your two treatments are carried out and completed you will not need to pick up a Pencil or Powder for at least 10-12 months... if not longer!
  • Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?
    As you are having a 'tattoo' we do ask that your guest takes a walk for a coffee during treatment. Having a beauty treatment that lasts a couple of hours can be boring for many people and luckily we are in the town centre! We have had numerous people wait in the room with us during treatment and unfortunately people get bored.. it is a distraction to the artist and of course not fair on anyone. Please do not bring Food or Drink with you... Please do not bring Children into the building... Please do not bring Friends who are interested in learning... Please do not bring Friends or Family with you that would like an opinion... We know this may sound harsh, but remember this is a professional treatment. You have booked the time with us, this is not an opportunity for others to take your time or distract the treatment.
  • Can I pay in Cash or Card?
    Yes we work from Absolute Skin Clinic, and the reception has facilities to take all payments. We even take american express!
  • How can I book an appointment?
    We try to forward everyone to book online using out easy to use booking system. Please click here Remember to book your first and second appointment.
  • Can I talk to someone over the telephone?
    Yes of course, you can call the main reception on 01462 453888 or if you email us your telephone number to we can call you back.
  • Where can I find the training details?
    Please visit
  • I have ink left over from an old treatment what are my options?
    In many cases, because semi permanent makeup has been around for quite a while many clients have some residue of old ink. Often we find that the old ink is so saturated, and deep in the skin it is not fading, this means that any new treatment is limited, or not an option at all. For a new treatment to take place we need to make space in the skin. As you can appreciate skin is very thin and can only absorb so much ink. By using a laser treatment we can target the ink, kick starting the fading process. Typically more than one session will be needed, a patch test by our laser specialist will take place. Followed by a full treatment to start the removal process. Once you have achieved the level of ink removal you can book in for a new set of brows.
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