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The small print

Terms and Conditions

This page is dedicated to the terms and conditions of treatment, the below details will explain what happens with payments, deposits, cancellations and rescheduling appointments.

The Cancellation Policy

As you know we are a small independent business and ANY cancellations really do affect us, not only financially because of the loss of the treatment, but additional costs in time, rent and admin.

Our treatments take nearly 2 hours, so a late cancellation will not likely be filled. 

We cannot, and will not treat any one with any signs of illness. Covid or other Flue, Cold or Contagious illnesses are easily transmissable and we need to protect ourselves, our family, colleagues and clients. Late cancellation for any illness is still a late cancellation. 

Cancelling with over 7 days notice - please email as soon as you know you need to move your appointment.  In this instance you can transfer your booking fee to the new appointment.

Cancelling under 72 hours - in these instances you will be required to pay an additional new booking fee for your new appointment.  Booking fees are non-refundable & transferable under 72 hours.

Cancelling on a WEEKEND - We work Monday to Friday and unfortunately we are not in the clinic to take any telephone calls. The clinic we work within also does NOT have a receptionist on a weekend.  Please note that any cancellation made on a Saturday or Sunday will not be picked up until Monday.  In some circumstances we will check emails and instagram DM's on we therefore recommend NOT CALLING, and ONLY email.  But please remember we may not get these messages until Monday.


*We are a small family run business and choose to have the weekend away from work, we hope you understand.

Cancelling under 24 hours/same day - in these instances you will be required to pay an additional new booking fee for your new appointment.  Booking fees are non-refundable or transferable under 72 hours.  Any Cancellations under 24 hours will also be charged an additional £50 late fee.  This must be paid before any new appointment is made. 

Booking Fee/Admin Fee

All appointments booked require a £50 advanced payment, also referred to as a 'Booking Fee' payable at time of booking.  On the day of your appointment a remaining balance will be taken.  For different costs please see our 'Prices' page. The booking system will allow the balance to be paid before your appointment if you would like to settle your account before you arrive. 

Booking Fee's are not deposits and cannot be transferred. This is a payment so you can be booked for treatment.


We do appreciate some things are unavoidable however we do have Email, Telephone and Answer-machine should you not be able to attend your appointment. Due to the increased number in no-shows we have implemented from January 2021 - An additional charge of £50 which will be applied to no-shows or cancels within 24 hours.  We will capture card details at time of booking or send a payment request.

Please call 01462 453888 or email

This means that if you 'fail' to arrive in time for your appointment, or cancel within 72 hours you will loose your original £50 payment, plus if you cancel or fail to attend under 24 hours you will be charged for a further £50.  No further appointment will be taken unless this fine is paid.


Should you give us 7 days notice you can transfer your appointment to an alternative space and transfer your £50 deposit also.  If you require our admin team to help you find another space there will be a £5 admin fee for this process.  We advise clients to use the online booking system to place their new appointment.

We have an email; where you can contact regarding cancelling or moving appointments. (Please note emails received on a Saturday or Sunday will be actioned on the Monday, meaning the cancellation will take place from the Monday)

Cancellaton Policy


We have a 15 minute cut off for appointments, if you are running late please call 01462 453888 before your appointment. We require all clients to be in the building at their appointment time, any lateness may result in non treatment. This will then fall into the above Cancellation Policy.


We hate to have to ask for this, however the whole diary is scheduled around each clients appointment.  As our treatments take so long to complete lateness really does cause major issues with delays.  Many clients have may travelled quite a distance to be treated.


All forms are sent out Electronically via email, please note that these forms must be completed before your appointment date and time.  Each appointment will require a new COVID form, please remember to contact us before if you have symptoms or if you have a positive test or are required to isolate.

Medical forms must be completed fully before your appointment to ensure you are able to have treatment safely.

Previous Ink - Too Much Ink

When booking you will be prompted with questions about your current situation, this is with regards to Previous Tattooing Work, Previous Remaining Ink, Shape and how long ago you were treated.  This is due to the problems we have with 'Cover-up's'. Not all work can be re-worked.

We ask all clients to send in pictures or attend a face to face consultation when there is previous work visible.  Please note if you do not send in images or attend a consultation and simply book a treatment you may be sent away.  This then falls into the Cancellation Policy terms. 

Model Terms and Conditions

Thank you to you for being one of our models for training.  We do need to confirm some basic details about the models slots:

  • £50 booking fee is taken for all model slots

  • If you have a balance to pay this will be requested electronically

  • Areola models do still require a booking fee, unfortunately this is not refunded as this £50 goes towards booking, time and consumables

  • Please always allow for 3 hours for treatment, for a double areola please note this will be longer.

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