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Permanent Make-up

Permanent Make-up is a fantastic treatment where all areas of the face can be enhanced using very subtle and natural 'Cosmetic Tattooing'. AKA Micropigmentation this treatment is a form of Facial Tattooing.

Facial Tattooing has been around for centuries, however we are now in the most exciting era of Permanent Make-up, this is because the techniques, technologies, pigments and tools are the best they have ever been.  This means less trauma, more vibrant colour, longer lasting beautiful cosmetic make-up.

As you can see from some of the images Ultra Fine Crisp Hairstrokes are placed into the skin to mimic the look of real hairs. Each mark made in the skin is classed as a Tattoo.

The tools used to create this look can be either a traditional MicroBlade or NanoBlade, these are Non-electrical methods and rely on the pressure applied to the skin. The alternative method is using an electric pen where the needle is gently vibrated into the skin quite similar to a sewing machine motion, in-out.  The needles are so crisp and fine these also give the look of ultra fine hairs.

From the images you can see a soft makeup, powder style of eyebrows too.  This is a fantastic look and suits all skin types and all ages. 

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Nano Realism Hairstrokes

Kally is our specialist in hairstroke treatments here at our clinic, offering the most stunning natural looking effects.

When you arrive for your treatment you are immediately put at ease with Kally's knowledge and patience.  Kally offers a unique style to suit your face, your style and your look.  We always say we want you to walk in the room first... not your brows!

Nano is a term for the size of needles used during the treatment, this means we can achieve the crisp, ultra fine lines in the brow which mimics real hairs. 


Female Alopecia

Kally is an award winning artist, one that has spent the last 17 years perfecting her Hairstrokes so that when they heal they are so natural no one will even know you have had them done!!

How amazing would that be...?  To have brand new eyebrows that look like they have just grown back.  And not that they have been badly tattooed on your face.

When you arrive Kally will explain the whole process and make sure you have 'less is more' so we can always build and make the brows better after the second treatment. 

Combination Brows

A true combination brow person is someone who loves the idea of having areas of the eyebrows 'fluffy' but also having the added structure that you get from the ombre powder look.

When someone asks for a combination brow we usually adapt the treatment to suit their existing hair growth.  This means if you have overplucked the fronts we can add this back with hairstrokes.  Or if you have taken out all the under hairs we can add this depth back with the powder effect.  Both effects last the same amount of time in the skin. 

Ombre Powder Brows

Powder or Shaded brows are the tattoo technique used to make the soft look of makeup.  We also refer to this treatment as Ombre.

An Ombre Eyebrow is where the fronts fade into the main section of the eyebrow. Leaving a soft almost invisible beginning to the eyebrow.  Powder or Shaded brows are the same, and the fronts are always softer than the main area of the eyebrow.  We do this as it is most flattering for your face. 

The powder brow look or ombre brow look can also be adapted to suit the style, for instance for our younger clients who want a bolder look this can be achieved.  Or for our more mature clients we can soften the result to make sure the eyebrows suit the client. 

As you can see from the images we can adapt the colour, the intensity and shape to suit the person.

Male Brows - The Guy Brow

We see many male clients in our treatment room, now more than ever because of the amazing results Kally has achieved recently with a number of male clients.  There are many reasons why someone may want to have their eyebrows tattooed.  

Firstly Male Alopecia - this affects any area of the face and body and in many cases the eyebrows are the first to go.  With the Nano Realism Hairstroke technique Kally can create natural looking eyebrows in the male style of, rugged, unkept and not balanced all on purpose! Because sometimes male brows do have a mind of their own and each client can have control over the style they wish to have.  All we make sure is that our male clients do not walk out with female eyebrows.... 

Secondly Scars or Missing areas of the brow - we can help with tattooing to minic hairs that are missing for any reason.  For example a childhood scar that means you have a scar through the eyebrow...  We can help with this by tattooing hairs to blend and camouflage the area. 

male scar.jpg
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