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Hairstrokes | Powder Shaded Brows | Ombre Eyebrows | Lip Liner | Lip Tattoo


Ultra fine crisp lines are designed to mimic the look of real hairs.

Nano Brows or Microblading


A Combination of fluffy hairstrokes, with the addition of power through the tail and lower arch.


Ombre or Powder is a term for a Soft and Powdery finish once healed. No Hairstrokes are placed in this eyebrow style. 


We discuss your likes and dislikes and create you a brow. This can be a Combination of different styles.


Guy Brows

Male Eyebrow Hairstroke Eyebrows or Powder Eyebrows

Smokey Eyeliner

Latino Flick


Top - Bottom or Both

Eyelash Enhancement

Latino Flick


Top - Bottom or Both

Winged Liner

Latino Flick


Top - Bottom or Both

Permanent Make-up

Permanent Make-up is a fantastic treatment where all areas of the face can be enhanced using very subtle and natural 'Cosmetic Tattooing'.


Facial Tattooing has been around for centuries, however we are now in the most exciting era of Permanent Make-up, this is because the techniques, technologies, pigments and tools are the best they have ever been.  This means less trauma, more vibrant colour, longer lasting beautiful cosmetic make-up.


As you can see from some of the images Ultra Fine Crisp Hairstrokes are placed into the skin to mimic the look of real hairs. Each mark made in the skin is classed as a Tattoo.


The tools used to create this look can be either a traditional MicroBlade or NanoBlade, these are Non-electrical methods and rely on the pressure applied to the skin. The alternative method is using an electric pen where the needle is gently vibrated into the skin quite similar to a sewing machine motion, in-out.  The needles are so crisp and fine these also give the look of ultra fine hairs.


From the images you can see a soft makeup, powder style of eyebrows too.  This is a fantastic look and suits all skin types and all ages. 


Kally - Director  - Brows, Lips, Eyes, Areola, Scars

Sam - Artist - Brows, Lips, Eyes, Areola

Jody - Artist - Brows, Lips, Eyes



Lip Blush


Lip liner, Lip Blush

Full Lips, Ombre lips

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Remember to book your

1st & 2nd appointments for all new clients

3D Areola Tattooing

3D Realism Areola Tattooing for Breast Cancer Survivors and Reconstructive Surgeries

Breast Surgery Scars

Scar Camouflage

Breast Uplift Scar Tattoo

Breast Reduction Scars

Nipple Resizing Tattoo

Increasing a small Areola, by tattooing a larger nipple

Areola Pigmentation

Adding colour to a very pale outer area of an existing nipple.

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All bookings will require a non-refundable and non-transferable Deposit of Β£50 deducted from treatment cost PER visit.

Late Cancellations & No Show Appointments

We do appreciate some things are unavoidable however we do have Email, Telephone and Answer-machine should you not be able to attend your appointment. 

Please call 01462 453888 or email


Deposits are Non-Refundable and will be retained should a booking be cancelled within 48 hours. Appointments may be re-scheduled however you may have to wait for the next available slot.


All appointments are chargeable, we do not take a full up front cost for Semi Permanent Make-up this means there is a charge at each appointment. (Full Price treatments or Models)

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