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The difference between Microblading and Semi Permanent Make-up

What is the difference? What is Microblading?

All pigment or ink that is implanted INTO the skin is classed as a TATTOO... this is regardless of the tool used to implant.

A micro-blade is a cluster of needles grouped together in a line (sometimes sloped or curved), these are attached to a disposable handle which makes the unit look like a pen. This whole unit is not powered by any electricity or battery. This hand tool is a MANUAL method where the technician will hold the skin taught and drag the needles to make a line. This line is to mimic a hair. Many of these lines are placed to make an eyebrow impression.

Now that all sounds very simple... however this technique is a skill should only be offered by a fully trained and educated person. Someone who understands skin and an artist with a gentle hand. Too much pressure applied and scars will appear, the ink will migrate and the pigment will hold like permanent ink.

The term and the treatment Semi Permanent Make-up has been around for longer, some say this was brought over to the UK over 30 years ago. Before then the treatment was performed mainly in the USA and other non EU countries. Back then the treatment was very basic, however the technique was based on implanting pigment into the skin using needle cartridge and pen which is powered by electricity or battery. This electric supply powers a motor in the pen which moves the needle back and forth (similar to a sewing machine). This needle moves across the skin and the movement is how the pigment is pushed into the skin.

Again... this sounds very simple... however this technique is also a highly skilled treatment. This should be less traumatic to the skin, but of course we are only as good as our education and therefore we must remind you to research your artist.

In summary, both techniques implant the pigment into the skin, both leave beautiful results when done correctly.

The term Microblading is NOT a style of tattoo it is a hand tool, simply the way the pigment is implanted. If you are looking for a Hairstroke eyebrow look for an artist who can offer this, with images of the treatment straight afterwards but most importantly 'healed'.

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Take care


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