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What is Permanent Make-up? Is it a PERMANENT tattoo?

So... there are so many salons, home beauticians and medispas now all offering this service. What is Permanent Make-up? Does it mean... Permanent??

When I initially trained in 2006, permanent makeup was known as Semi permanent makeup or Micropigmentation. Over the years more and more people now refer to the treatments as permanent. Why is this you may ask? Well the simple reason is that no-one can actually tell you when the Micropigmentation will actually leave your skin. We cannot give an end date to the treatment. There are simply too many factors that will determine the length of time the permanent makeup is visible in the skin.

In the USA and other countries they all called the treatment 'Permanent', as legally they were not allowed to advertise the treatment as temporary... this has now filtered over to the UK and Europe and now most technicians will refer to the treatment as Permanent.

Since 2006 the pigments used to implant into the skin have advanced drastically, they have amazing lightfastness properties and the colour stays visible longer. The typical treatment would leave the skin and definitely need a boost in 12 months or so, now there are a variety of pigments in the market that are lasting a lot longer... meaning you may not need a boost for 2-3 years!

When choosing your permanent makeup artist there are some key questions you may want to ask before you go ahead and allow them to Tattoo in your skin.

  1. How long have they been tattooing? Do they have a portfolio of work WHICH HAS FADED so they can give you the answer to the following questions...

  2. Does their training cover pigments and how to deal with them in years to come?

  3. How long will the pigment last (with good colour) in your particular skin type?

  4. What type of pigment are they using? Inorganic or Organic

  5. Is the pigment REACH compliant - does it confirm to UK standards?

  6. Do they have different pigment options for different skin types?

  7. How can the pigment be removed should you want a change in a few years?

  8. What does the colour look like in 12-18 months? Does it change? Will you be left with a Pink Hue or a Grey Hue?

Not all of the above questions need to be asked before you have your treatment, but in all seriousness this is YOUR FACE please do your research before you go ahead with the treatment. Here at our clinic we not only tattoo Permanent Make-up and Medical Tattoos we also carry out lots of removals. Removing some very poor work from lots and lots of technicians from across the UK.

Kally Moorhouse - BLOG
What is Permanent Make-up?

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